StarDust (Promo Launched)


StarDust is the new Silverland release. It went out on promo on Friday 13th October. I am really excited about this record. It’s a slight change in direction and has a male vocal too. Not only that, It’s all live musicians!  The energy in the studio was incredible. Cables, amps and bodies everywhere.  The final instrument to be recorded was the tambourine. The legendary tambourine was done in 1 take from start to finish.

There is only 1 remix of this track and it’s courtesy of Jochen Simms. It’s a banger of a mix too. We have taken a risk with a change in vibe and a culling of the usual 4 or 5 remixes.

However, the feedback from DJ’s so far has been awesome. Europe, Australia and the USA are really into this funky vibe. 👍