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Hang Up - Silverland vs Bailey - Radio Edit Length: 4:05 Play From album: Hang Up - Silverland vs Bailey - Radio Edit

Hang Up – Silverland vs Bailey – Radio Edit

Hang Up is the first Silverland release with Ryal Music. It features the vocal of Bailey who is also the co-writer.
Hang Up was released in the summer of 2013 and did exceptionally well in the clubs.
It reached Number 1 in the UK Urban Club Chart in June 2013 and stayed on the chart for 6 weeks.
It featured mixes from Andi Durrant, Wideboys, Los Reyes and Sunship.
Hailing from London, Silverland, is a writer and producer.  After being an important half of a successful production team called Red Rhythm, he decided to step out on his own, and let his own creativity and vision take wings in the form of his music. Siverland’s specialty is finding the subtle beauty in all the gorgeous elements that go into every song – a notion of progression that is rarely seen amongst artists these days.
The Silverland original radio edit of “Hang Up” is a unique hybrid of chilled melodic dubstep sounds and heavy hitting bass lines. The powerful and captivating vocals by the talented UK singer/songwriter Kathryn Bailey, gives this track an altogether different kind of intensity.
The radio remix by Andi Durrant & Steve More is a perfectly polished club mix with sweet vocals and a mind-boggling atmosphere that literally blows you away. The Club remix of it just makes you let yourself go in the flow and rhythm of the music.
Perfectly sculpted remixes by Los Reyes and Sunship capture the proverbial lightning in a bottle – each track strikes gold, simply through tacking memorable melodies onto the beats. It seems too straight-laced to be impactful, but this simplicity is what makes them infectious.
Silverland’s vision is to consistently release “stand up tunes” that will be welcomed by radio stations and clubs without being limited to one specific genre. His flow has slick grooves, and he retains a confident cool in his character while remaining urgent and grabbing; never getting too aggressive, but just hostile enough to make his music have a sting and give a growl to his beats. This is an incredibly deep effort from a musical standpoint, but that isn’t all it is. The production is top-tier, creating an atmosphere that coincides perfectly with the music.




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